Tandoori Breads

Makhni Naan


Naan with light garnish and butter.

Keema Naan


Naan filled with chicken mince.

Plain Naan


Plain flour bread cooked in Tandoor.

Garlic Naan


Naan with fresh garlic and coriander.

Cheese Naan


Naan filled with cheese and fresh spices.

Peshawari Naan


Naan filled with dry fruits and fennel seeds.

Plain Roti


Wholemeal bread.

Lachhawalla Paratha


Wholemeal flaky layered bread.

Vegetable Paratha (V)


Bread stuffed with spicy vegetables.

Garlic & Cheese Naan


Naan filled with cheese, fresh spice and topped with garlic.

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